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Monday, 1 January 2018
I'm always so excited to be introduced to a new brand, especially one I can actually walk into a store and buy! Today we are chatting about NOTE Cosmetics, which is quite popular abroad but has made it to Canada most recently. By the way, blog post is sponsored by NOTE but all opinions are my own. It's currently available at select Rexall locations in Toronto and will become more available across the province over the next few months so keep your eyes peeled. If you're one of my American readers, you can purchase from online at
NOTE Cosmetics Professional Eyeshadow Palette 104
NOTE Cosmetics is a cruelty-free, paraben-free, and environmentally friendly brand. It was initially launched in Europe, and is inspired by "the passion for living, the colors of life and the notes in nature". The majority of the products I've tried have sleek black packaging, not bulky and feels sturdy which I always appreciate. 
NOTE Cosmetics Professional Eyeshadow Palette 104
In the below photos I'm wearing the NOTE Cosmetics Professional Eyeshadow Palette in 104, Stardust Powder, Real Look Mascara and both lipsticks. Overall, I've really enjoyed what I've tried from the line. Standouts items are the lip products and the Terracotta Powder so let's delve deeper into those. 

NOTE Cosmetics Terracotta Powder in 01 Stardust: This is a beautifully buildable highlighter. Some highlighters now are far to frosty or just come on so strong from the outset. It's nice to have something buildable that you can use as a more natural glow, or build to something more impactful. There's no glitter and gives a "lit from within" look. If you have textured skin, I highly recommend trying, this is a great option. 
NOTE Cosmetics Mattemoist Lipstick in 308 Brand
NOTE Cosmetics Mattemoist Lipstick in 308 Brand: This shade is perfection. I haven't worn a deep, purple shade like this in a while and it feels great. These are the kind of shade that can be worn super deep, or dabbed on the lip for a stained look. It has really nice wear time, wears even better with a lip liner. It has a matte finish, but isn't uncomfortable. 
NOTE Cosmetics Matte Lip Cream 04 Runway
NOTE Cosmetics Matte Lip Cream 04 Runway: This lip cream is a great option if you love the look of a matte liquid lipstick but hate the drying feeling. It has a super pigmented formula and a creamy near moussey texture. It isn't transferproof, but you are getting the added moisture. You can always blot after application to increase wear time. 

Make sure to head to your local Rexall to check out NOTE Cosmetics! There's a matte foundation I'm dying to try next. 

This post is sponsored by NOTE Cosmetics, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I've been wanting to try NOTE for a while! Glad its available in Canada now.. You look fab, love the hat!