NEW Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer Deeper Shade "Deep Bronzer"

Wednesday 17 January 2018
Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer Deep Bronze
Hallelujah! Not only has Physician's Formula recently released a foundation with 16 shades (it's called the Healthy Foundation and I reviewed it here), the released 2 new shades of the Butter Bronzer. I have the shade Deep Bronze so that's what we'll be chatting about today. 
Butter Bronzer "Deep Bronzer"
I've had my qualms with Physician's Formula in the past regarding their very beige foundation "ranges" but this past year they have really stepped up their game. More shades, great launches - I'm impressed! The Butter Bronzer has been raved about for years, and finding a good drugstore bronzer has been tricky so I was always dying to try. 
New Physician's Formula Darker Butter Bronzer "Deep Bronzer" Swatch
The formula is super smooth, buttery if you will. Blends like a dream. It's a little powdery in formula but does not look that way on the skin, it has a demi-matte, perhaps satin finish but no shimmer or glitter. Butter products are pretty scented, they smell like vacation! If you are super sensitive to scents that's something to keep in mind but it's nothing that would stop me from using it.
Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer Swatch Comparison
Overall, I totally get the hype of the Butter Bronzer! Highly recommend. That being said, although I'm loving this shade extension I don't know if it will work for me come summer. I could use a few more shades for sure. It's so good, so everyone should be able to try! 

*This product was provided for my review, all opinions are my own. 


  1. I just can't with them calling that shade deep. Seriously.

  2. I am using this for a long time. Even after competing my makeup classes London I used so many bronzers, but I love this one most till.