Maybelline 24K Palette Review and Swatches

Wednesday 29 March 2017
 The Maybelline 24K Nudes Palette is the latest addition to their growing collection of eyeshadow palettes. This is actually the first one I've tried! The others didn't really appeal to me, but I cannot resist a gold. It retails for anywhere between $11.99 and $18.99 depending on where you live and where you pick it up. It's still fairly new, so if it is not in the permanent display yet it may be on a stand alone display or the end of an aisle. 
The Maybelline 24K Palette includes 12 shades with a variety of finishes. The shades included are quite beautiful, leaning more on the jewel toned side. I do however think you could get a very soft neutral look or something deep and smokey. As to be expected there is a gorgeous true gold, metallic shade, not too warm or cool toned. If you'd like to see the palette in action I used it in a recent video on my YouTube Channel. 
For me however, this palette is a bit of a miss. It is not absolutely horrible by any means but if I ask myself "If I lost this, would I repurchase it?" the answer is no. The gold shade, applies beautifully, I used my finger to apply all over the lid and it was super vibrant with a great sheen. Not at all chalky or chunky. Outside of that none of the other shades really impressed me. Just like 95% of the other drugstore eyeshadow palettes out there, it lacks a medium brown, matte transition shade. WHY DO COMPANIES LEAVE THIS OUT ALL THE TIME. That aside, the powders themselves acted so oddly. They almost stiffened up as I tried to use them, kind of like a hard pan texture. Some of the deeper shades blended away to nothing, they'd work better as lid shades. 
As I said, it is not the worst palette, it is usable. But, if you have any experience with eyeshadows I don't think you'll find this is a palette you can reach for and use exclusively. It swatches much better than it performs. 

  *This palette was sent for my review and some links are affiliate. 

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