Mary Kay Spring 2017 Eye Colour Palettes

Friday 3 March 2017

The Mary Kay Spring 2017 Makeup Collection has arrived: Light, Reinvented! Included in this collection are 2 limited edition eye colour palettes. These retail for $26 each and come in the shades Glistening Horizon and Sunset
These two palettes have 4 shades each, all in very spring-like, pastel shades. Depending on your preferences, you can keep them inside the plastic case they come in or they can easily be added to any magnetic palette you have. They both have a combination of matte, satin and a matte/satin hybrid. 
The Mary Kay Sunlight Eyeshadow Palette is my favourite of the two, I can never stay away from pinks and oranges. That being said, it's not a palette I can reach for and complete a look. Both of these palettes lack mid-tone, transition and blending shades that make the pops of color more wearable. I don't think that makes this bad, it's just an added step. The formula on these is nice, I would recommend to get full colour to pack it on to the lid, and do not swipe or blend too much. They have colour, but it needs to be built up and isn't super strong. Surprisingly the pink and orange have better colour pay off and texture than the lighter shades. 
The Mary Kay Glistening Horizon Eyeshadow Palette is perfect if you are into blues and purples! Considering those shades can be huge duds, these are actually pretty good. Blues and purples are often the worst performing shades. Same can be said for this palette as the above, it lacks mid-tone shades and the colours are better when packed/patted on the lid. 

Overall, this palettes are a bit of a miss for me personally. The formula is okay, and the shades are fun but I just know I won't reach for them! They lack the things I need to complete a full look, but I may (if I remember) grab for the Sunlight palette when I want to wear a more pastel pink or orange because I don't have much of that in my collection! 

*These were provided for my review.

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