5 Ways to Use Nivea Creme

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Nivea Creme is probably one of the first products I remember coming into contact with. My grandmother has been using it for as long as I remember as a night cream. I used to put it on my lips at night to emulate her. Nivea Creme has been sold since 1911 and sells approximately 100 million jars each year. The original formula is avaialble in the 400 ml, 250 ml and 150 ml tins, 60 ml tube and 25 ml travel jar. 

At a glance this product can seem a little dated, but let's be honest if it has been around for this long there has to be a reason! I recently revisited Nivea and have found 5 ways that I like the make use of it. One overarching recommendation I can make is that it is a great bedside table product, perfect to reach for at night for a multitude of uses. Another tip is to apply to skin when it is slightly damp, just after the shower for example. You'll feel the moisturizing benefits more this way! 

1. Make-up Remover
In a pinch, Nivea Creme can act as a makeup remover. I haven't tried it for face makeup as I am hesitant with my acne-prone skin, but for eye makeup remover it can get the job done. Nivea Creme has some oils and waxes, which helps to break down things like mascara. It also won't leave your eyelashes feeling dry. 

2. Cuticles
Nivea Creme has a very thick texture which is something I prefer to use on my hands and nails. When finishing up a mani or before bed it is fabulous to rub on the cuticles. You could also use it prior to a mani if you'd like to soften them for slight push back or removal. 

3. Elbows and Knees
As mentioned above the texture is quite thick, which isn't something I like to rub all over my body. It would take far to long to sink in. That being said, it's great for super dry or rough areas of skin like the elbows, knees, perhaps even your heels. When this is applied before bed it really "sticks" to the skin more so than a thinner lotion. 

4. Lip Moisturizer
This one is kinda obvious. I can remember standing at the bathroom vanity when I was super young applying this to my lips and it leaving a big white ring around my mouth. I definitely apply it with much more restraint as an adult, but it makes a great night time moisturizer or in the winter when your lips need more protection.

5. Stray Hairs
This especially applies to the travel jar, and if you have unruly hair. I have some crazy voluminous curls, that can get a little out of control at times. If I'm wearing it in a bun there is always a few hairs that want to do their own thing, and I don't always have extra bobby pins on hand. A little Nivea, potentially even diluted with water will help to keep things in order. This is only recommended if you have particularly dry or curly hair. If your hair is more on the thing side the texture could be too greasy for you

In doing my research about this product, to figure out the actual "why" regarding what makes it useful I found some interesting information about potential hazardous ingredients. That being said, many/most mainstream creams, lotions, body washes etc have ingredients in them that once you do your research can sound a little scary. It is up to you to decide what works for you! I know personally, I'm blind to many of the products I put on my face and body. Sometimes it can just be near impossible to avoid. 

What are you favourite uses for Nivea Creme?! 

*This product was sent to me for my review.

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