Sephora Pro Warm Palette Swatches

Saturday 12 August 2017
Sephora has totally been stepping up their game, especially when it comes to their in house brand. When the Sephora Pro Palettes launched beauty lovers everywhere were incredibly intrigued, including me. There are 3 palettes in the line, today I'll be swatching the Sephora Pro Palette Warm. I also reviewed the Sephora Collection Pro Editorial Palette
The Sephora Collection Pro Warm Palette retails for $85 CAD and includes 28 shades at .04oz each. There's a combination of mattes, chrome, shimmer and satin finishes. The packaging is simple, but beautiful and has a nice weight to it. I wish the shade names were on the actual palette, for $85 I do not want to see a silly clear sheet that I'm bound to lose. 
I haven't had much time to play with this palette yet. BUT as someone who owns a lot of eyeshadows it's rare that I come across shades that I find unique. There were so many shades in the palette that I thought to myself "wow, I have nothing like this". Especially when it comes to a more neutral, warm palette. 
There is definitely a powdery consistency to the shades, when I used the palette I didn't have major issues with fallout. If this scares you just do your eyes first! I prefer powdery over dry because these pack some serious pigment.
I think the shade selection is beautiful, as a warm shadow girl it brings me so much joy! Especially when I see yellow in there, it's not just super netural you have the ability to get a little creative and fun. Only problem is it's limited edition, I AM SO OVER LIMITED EDITION PALETTES. I miss the days of cult classics and not creating panic making people feel like they need to buy this second before it's gone forever, but then may come back, who knows.

Overall, if you were thinking about picking this up, I totally recommend it! *This product was sent for my review, all opinions are my own. Links are affiliate. 


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  2. So PRETTY! Must go in store to check them out! I love that they are heavy :)

  3. The cranberry shade looks 😍

  4. I wonder how long this palette will be around for. I want it but the 85$ is making me question whether I should get it or not. I have so many warm palettes. Limited Edition is really annoying.

    1. I have so many too, but yet I can never get enough of them haha! I wish they'd make it permanent