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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Wet n Wild Flights of Fancy Eyeshadow Palettes Summer 2018

Wet n Wild Summer 2018 Eyeshadow
Wet n Wild Summer 2018 Collection has arrived and it is gorgeous! The Wet n Wild Flights of Fancy Collection includes so many beautiful items, see the full collection in my Flights of Fancy Demo and Swatch Video. Today we are chatting about the Flights of Fancy Color Icon Eyeshadow Palettes. 
Wet n Wild Flock Party Flights of Fancy
There are 3 eyeshadow quads in the Wet n Wild Flights of Fancy Collection. The palettes retail for $2.99 USD and are available on their website and will be available in-store in Canada (at Loblaws and Rexall) on May 7th. 
Wet n Wild Flock Party Swatches - Flights of Fancy Summer 2018
As I expected, the quality of these palettes is pretty great. Wet n Wild makes some of the best if not the best eyeshadows at the drugstore. These are, for the most part, no exception. I did get a little bit of hard pan after some intense swatching, but nothing that degraded the quality of the shadows. The shimmers have a beautiful metallic finish and the mattes are blendable. 
Wet n Wild Stop Ruffling my Feathers Eyeshadow Quad
The inspiration is hummingbirds for this collection, a refreshing place from unicorns, fairies and mermaids. I think the shade selection of the palettes is really nice, lots of fun shades but still wearable. My only issue is that none of the mattes are really complimentary on my skin tone to add enough depth. 
Wet n Wild Stop Ruffling My Feathers Swatches - Flights of Fancy Summer 2018
Wet n Wild Hasta La Costa Baby Eyeshadow Quad
Wet n Wild Hosta La Costa Baby Swatches - Flights of Fancy Summer 2018
*These products were sent for my review but all opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

MAC Patrick Starrr Floral Realness Me So Chic

MAC Patrick Starrr Floral Realness Me So Chic Full Face Kit
MAC Patrick Starrr is back with the Floral Realness Collection and it's GORGEOUS. This packaging is so fun, and floral - screams Patrick. I was hoping for some more bright shades in his initial collection, reviewed here but now I get the plan. Great neutrals for the initial launch and bam, bring on the colour for round 2. See the collection in action in my most recent tutorial on my YouTube Channel
MAC Patrick Starrr Me So Chic
The MAC Patrick Starrr Floral Realness Full Face Kits retail for $49.50 USD/ $59.50 CAD on MAC Cosmetics. I personally think that's a great deal, it's a $129 CAD value!  All the products are full size, limited edition packaging - it's a steal for anyone who loves MAC, Patrick Starrr or a combination of the two. 
MAC Patrick Starrr 2018 Collection
Today I'm reviewing the MAC Patrick Starrr Me So Chic Floral Realness Full Face Kit which contains an eyeshadow quad of purple shades, beautiful nude lipstick, iridescent gloss and a peachy blush duo. If you're looking for more colour there is also the  MAC Patrick Starrr Me So Fleek Floral Realness Full Face Kit which contains an eyeshadow quad with a poppy blue and pink, bright pink lipstick/lip glass, and neutral pink blush. 
MAC Patrick Starrr Stay With Me Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Patrick Starrr Stay With Me Swatches
MAC Patrick Starrr Stay With Me Eyeshadow Quad is a purple lovers dream. I stepped outside of my comfort zone as it's a little more cool toned than what I'm used to. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to complete a look with the 4 shades included. The quality across the board is great, Yesss is my fave shade. 
MAC Patrick Starrr Blush Duo I'm Not Blushing 
MAC Patrick Starrr I'm Not Blushing Blush Duo is so so pretty, it's a beautiful peach shade that compliments the purple eyeshadow really well. It has a little more of a powdery formula than what I'm used to from MAC blushes but it's a great shade, not too pigmented and doesn't look powdery on the skin. 
MAC Patrick Starrr I'm Not Blushing Swatches
MAC Patrick Starrr Sweet Mamastarrr Lipstick
MAC Patrick Starrr Sweet Mamastarrr Lipstick again is a perfect peachy shade, very Patrick. I wore this with a lip liner in my tutorial, a little more flattering on my NC42 skintone but it's a perfect "peachy nude" shade. As always with MAC lipsticks, the quality is great, it has a cream finish, super comfortable to wear. 
MAC Patrick Starrr Sweet Mama Starrr Lipstick Swatch
MAC Patrick Starrr Mamastarrr Kiss Lipglass
MAC Patrick Starrr Mamastarr Kiss Lipglass has an iridescent finish, pairs really nicely with the MamaStarrr Lipstick or any lipstick really. It's not the kind of thing I'd wear on it's own but you totally could. The iridescence is not chunky or too bold, just adds a little extra dimension. It's slightly sticky if you are used to MAC Lipglass but I actually really like them as they last really long and have a super glossy finish. 
MAC Patrick Starrr Kiss Lipglass (swatch does not do this justice) 
*These products were provided for my review, all opinions are my own. Links are affiliate. 

Monday, 16 April 2018

WIN The Balm Furrowcious Brow Pencil

  See the The Balm Furrowcious Pencil in action in my tutorial! 


a Rafflecopter giveaway

- open internationally 
- must be age of majority 
- closes on April 22
- 1 winner per shade, 3 winners total 
- no giveaway accounts 
- do not contact me asking to win

Saturday, 7 April 2018

The Balm Take Home the Bronze Bronzer Swatches

The Balm Take Home the Bronze Review
The Balm has been knocking out of the park with launches in 2018, so many new items! One of the latest is The Balm Take Home the Bronze Bronzers. If you're Canadian and have good sources to purchase The Balm, let us know down below. 
The Balm Take Home the Bronze Bronzers
The Balm Take Home the Bronze Bronzers come in 3 different shades, not a very large launch but I will say the first shade is quite light and the deepest is pretty deep! It's labeled as an "anti-orange" bronzer, I would agree. They are on the neutral side, not too cool or warm. The Balm has amazing powder formulas, it's super pigmented so tread lightly. They have a matte finish but they are buildable and blendable. They retail for $17.50 USD which is a pretty amazing price! 
The Balm Take Home the Bronze Swatches
"This formula seamlessly takes on many roles, from breath-taking bronzer to critically acclaimed contour powder. The main feature is the formula’s remarkable payoff, without any sur‘prize’ing orange undertones."
The Balm Bronzers 
It should be noted they've changed the names of the bronzers since I received them. Not sure if the award shows were displeased with the names or not but just keep that in mind :) 

*These products were sent for my review, all opinions are my own.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Soft Light Swatches + Review

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Soft Light 30 Golden Champagne 
Make Up For Ever almost always hits it out of the park with their launches. They're a brand I've come to absolutely love over the past few years. Today we're chatting about the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Soft Light Liquid Highlighter
Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Soft Light Liquid Highlighter 
I recently attended a Make Up For Ever Masterclass where they launched this product and at first, I was unsure. It looked almost matte and unimpressive but my thoughts have completely changed, I'm obsessed! The finish is so incredibly natural, but glowy and impactful. I've had issues with textured skin lately and this does the perfect job creating a glow without highlighting (no pun intended) any issues on my skin. It plays beautifully both on top of foundation or powder, and even if you don't add a powder highlight on top it's still a "lit from within" glow. I've been wearing the Make Up For Ever Soft Light in Golden Champagne which is a great match. 
Make Up For Ever Soft Light Highlighter
The Make Up For Ever Soft Light Highlighters retail for $36 CAD and contain .4oz of product which will probably last you a lifetime. It comes in 4 shades and in my opinion there should be something for everyone. I think it could also be great for days you want to skip foundation, the dot applicator makes it easy to apply and you can blend with your fingers. Swatches DO NOT do this justice, you need to put it on your face to truly appreciate. 
Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Soft Light Swatches 30 Golden Champagne
Overall, I highly recommend the Make Up For Ever Soft Light Highlighter. If you're in the market for a highlighter for textured skin or just want to look like you drink 15 litres of water a day and have monthly facials - this is for you! 

*This product was provided for my review, all opinions are my own. Links are affiliate. 

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Colourpop Giveaway!

Single eyeshadows in: Wait for It, Top Notch, Team Captain, 143 and Going Steady
Blush: Main Chick 
Bronzer: Rodeo Drive 
Highlighter: Boy Next Door

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Monday, 26 March 2018

Kristin Ess for Curly Hair - Kristin Ess Canada

Kristin Ess Canada
Kristin Ess is available in Canada! Not gonna lie, I wasn't familiar with the brand until reached out about it. (Use the code "samanthajaneyt" for $10 your order.)  However, I'm so glad they did. Not to ruin the surprise, but I'm really into it. Right off the bat, the packaging is so gorgeous, minimal and clean but great colors that are so pleasing. But how does it work on my curly, dry and sometimes unmanageable hair .. 
Kristin Ess Cleansing Conditioner 
Kristin Ess Cleansing Conditioner $17.99 CAD - Co-washes, or cleansing conditioners have become a huge part of my hair routine over the past year or so. I try not to shampoo too much so this is the kind of thing I reach for in between washes. It leaves my hair feeling clean and moisturized, but I'm still able to detangle. It is a "low sudsing co-wash" so keep that in mind, you won't get a big lather but that doesn't mean it's not effective. 
Kristin Ess Leave-in Conditioner 
Kristin Ess Weightless Shine Leave-in Conditioner $12.97 CAD - This leave-in is recommended for all hair types which left me skeptical at first. My hair needs a lot of moisture to ensure my curls aren't left dry and frizzy when I go to style them. I was pleasantly surprised by this, it's definitely super light so it isn't something I would use all the time but I did like it for sure. My only real fault with this is the spray, I don't love sprays for leave-ins. Especially because this is not recommend to use on dry hair. If I could use it on dry second day hair then perfect, but right out the shower spraying a leave-in in is not my favorite. 
Kristin Ess Hair Water 
Kristin Ess Hair Water $12.97 CAD - Speaking of sprays I was skeptical about, the "Hair Water" perplexed me but I ended up loving it! I use this on the regular now, so I'm super glad it's just $12.97! Mastering my second and potentially third day curls is something I hope to do this year as I continue to figure out my curls. My process is using just some plain water and spraying that on my hair, followed by the Hair Water, some leave in and then a curl definer and my curls looked almost good as new. This is something that is just so versatile, it's the really fine mist that makes all the difference. 
Kristin Ess Curl Defining Cream
Kristin Ess Curl Defining Cream $17.97 CAD- I've been dabbling in mousses for curly hair lately but in general curl defining creams are my favorite for my hair. They just glide nicely, don't weigh the hair down and feel like they still add moisture. So far so good with this one, I haven't had as much time with this as I have some of the other products but so far I think it adds a nice balance of both hold and moisture without making my hair crunchy. 
Kristin Ess Moisture Mask 
Kristin Ess Moisture Mask $17.97 CAD - I've been trying to mask every sunday, I'm not very good at that so I've only tried this mask twice but I will continue to try. Coconut oil and shea are pretty high up on the ingredient list for this mask and I can definitely feel the moisture when I used it. 

Overall, I highly recommend hoping on and trying the line! I can't speak for other hair types but curly hair gals .. do it! The price right, as is the packaging, let's not pretend that isn't at least a little important or a great bonus. Oh, if you do buy this line the copy on that back is fabulous. I love the casual talk. 

*These products were sent for my review, all opinions are my own. Links are affiliate. 
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