Indeed Labs Snoxin II and Eysilix II Launch

Tuesday 1 August 2017
Coming this month to the Indeed Labs line are Snoxin II and Eysilix II! Well, they aren't exactly new, both products existed before but due to new science and technology developments Indeed Labs has upgraded the formulas of both. They are available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada, or online for the US. If you live Internationally there are some retailers that stock Indeed. Both products are paraben, fragrance and colourant free. Also, Indeed Labs is a Canadian brand .. yahoo!!
eysilix II "total eye rescuer" retails for $24.99 and contains a generous 30mL or 1 fl. oz, that's the size of an average foundation! For an eye cream especially it's great to have all of this product considering you only need to use a small amount. esyilix II is formulated to instantly smooth the look of wrinkles, crow's feet and fine lines, along with brighten the skin to lessen dark circles. Overtime it claims to enhance the elasticity around the eye and calm the effects caused by stress and fatigue. eysilix II can be used during both your daytime and nighttime skincare routine. 
eysilix II is formulated with ceramides, peptides, extracts and probiotics that give not only instant results but help address skin issues overtime with continued use. Neodermyl produces collagen and elastin for a visible reduction in deeper wrinkles. The texture is light but moisturizing, feels really good on the skin. Works well under makeup too! 
snoxin II "facial line fighter" retails for $29.99 and contains 30mL or 1 fl. oz. This product is formulated to soften the look of lines and wrinkles instantly that last up to 8 hours. With continued use you'll see a difference in your skin's elasticity, smoothness and vibrancy. snoxin II will also hydrate skin and improve moisture retention. It's best when used both in the day and night to see the most optimal results, and followed by a moisturizer, and SPF if used in the day. 
snoxin II is a more instant and long term, needle free way to improve the look of lines and wrinkles.  It's formulated with XEP-018 which is a peptide that imitates Cone Snail venom to relax muscles instantly. There is no tingly feeling, it has a lightweight texture that absorbs quickly into the skin. As an oily skin girl, and a makeup wearer, this is important to me! 

If any of these product traits entice you I highly recommend you give them a try. Indeed Labs in general has totally impressed me since I began trying it! I cannot get enough of the Hydraluron Moisture Jelly at the moment. 

*This post was sponsored by Indeed Labs, all opinions are my own. 

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