Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Palette Swatches #WildGlow

Saturday 28 October 2017
Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlight Palette
Wet n Wild does some of the best highlighters at the drugstore, yup, I said it! I was so excited to see the Wet n Wild Highlighting Palette launch, and was dying to touch it. This is super unique to the drugstore, the shades, the formula and the fact that it's a palette. 
Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Palette Review
The Wet n Wild Highlighting Palette retails for $14 USD on the Wet n Wild website and should be on Ulta soon too. The palette contains 4 vegan, cruelty free and limited edition shades, so grab it if you want it! If you live in Canada, all I can say is hop online or keep your eyes peeled. Retailers in Canada don't want Wet n Wild, so tweet them, call them, annoy them! 
Wet n Wild Highlighting Palette Swatches
As mentioned, the 4 shades in the Wet n Wild  MegaGlo Highlighting Palette are a little out of the ordinary which I think is fun! I'd love to see them come out with some more "typical" and warmer shades as well. They seem to have the same formula as the original MegaGlo Highlighters with the exception of Blushing Azalea, that seems to be slightly more stiff with light glitter in it. Otherwise they have that same powdery but creamy formula, which a beautiful sheen. The packaging is cardboard with a pink/purple ombre. Not gonna lie, it feels a little cheap, but the the product inside is great and that's what really matters. I wouldn't advise travelling with it. 
Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Palette Swatches
Overall, YAY! This is a super fun palette, great quality, interesting shades, affordable, vegan etc etc. If you can find it, try it! Let me know if you plan on picking up this palette, or if you'll be trying to track it down. #WildGlow
Wet n Wild Highlighting Palette Review
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