Anastasia Subculture Palette Review

Monday 31 July 2017
Brand new to Anastasia is the Subculture Palette. They describe it as a complement to the ever so popular Modern Renaissance Palette that contains "grungy mattes and bold metallics." If you'd like to see the palette in action I have a review and tutorial on my YouTube Channel
This palette retails for $42 USD/$55CAD. It will be available on the Anastasia website along with Sephora and other retailers. Currently sold out on the ABH site, it launched on July 25th, but will launch on Sephora on August 1st. 
Yes, it is a powdery formula, more so than my other ABH shades. By no means is this a deal breaker for me, the pigmentation is there. I did not have issues with fallout as you can see in my above YouTube video. Seems like there may be a little controversy brewing around this palette but my experience with it has been positive! 

It contains 11 matte shades and 3 metallics. In my opinion the mattes are far better than the metallics, they are full of pigment and blend well. The metallic shade Adore is really nice, but Cube and Electric, albeit great shades aren't as easy to work with. Only other issue I see with this palette are the greens, they swatch differently but on the eyes they don't have enough difference to justify the 3 shades of green. 
A lot of people were confused by the shade selection, I was personally super excited and intrigued, hence why I jumped on the ABH launch and paid a fortune in shipping and customs to get it here to Canada in 2 days. Of course, like anything this palette won't be for everyone, but for a makeup junkie I think it's a must try. 

Overall, I really like this palette. I think the shades are incredibly interesting, and it will challenge me to great new looks. It doesn't feel like they just threw together colours for the sake of making it not neutral. 

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