Maybelline Big Shot Mascara Review + Before and After

Friday 6 January 2017

Maybelline Volum' Express The Colossal Big Shot Mascara is the latest addition to Maybelline's ever expanding mascara offerings. Maybelline Spring 2017 line up so far is full of a ton of new and exciting items. I feature them in a recent What's New at the Drugstore 2017 video on my YouTube Channel. 

This mascara comes in a bright yellow-gold tube which is enough to make me want to grab it off the shelf. It's available wherever Maybelline is sold, and you should see it popping up on displays throughout the month. Keep in mind new drugstore launches often end up on their own displays, up high, down low, off to the side - you may need to hunt it down a little. It retails for around $8.49 and comes in 3 shades, Very Black, Blackest Black and Brownish Black. 

It claims to give "root to tip volume" in one coat. The brush on the Maybelline Big Shot Mascara is somewhere in-bewtween a traditional bristle brush and a more plastic brush. It has the fluffiness and fullness but also the bristles themselves are thin and stiff. Just perfect in my opinion. It is ophthalmologist tested and claims to be safe for contact wearers. I've had no issues! 

Not to be too dramatic but THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING MASCARA. Seriously it's great, I have had many subscribers reach out after picking it up and they are incredibly impressed as well. It gives me such a beautiful result, not clumpy but still very voluminous and length. Generally, I like to use a volumizing and lengthening mascara but this does it all. I will always put on several coats of any mascara and it layers nicely, I also don't really ever have issues with flaking. This all being said, mascara is a very personal thing, but personally, I highly recommend you give it a try! 

*This product was sent to me for review. 


  1. That is ridiculous! You actually look like you've got perfect false lashes on with this mascara. INCREDIBLE!

    1. hahahahah I am dying at you calling it ridiculous, I love that. It is so good - I think you'd like it too!