Dior Fix It Colour 2 in 1 Prime and Colour Correct Swatches + Review

Saturday 30 July 2016
Dior Colour Correcting Sticks
The Dior Fix It Colour 2 in 1 Prime and Colour Correct are meant to help eliminate skin texture and unwanted discolouring in one swipe. They retail for $45 CAD at Sephora. The inner core which will blur imperfections is surrounded by the colour correcting cream.  There are four shades available, I am missing the blue. See these correctors in action in my video review.

Dior Fix It Colour Correctors for Face Eyes and Lips 

The packaging on these correctors is ADORABLE. Classic Dior tube but with a colourful twist. This is especially appreciated if you have a larger collection, it makes them super easy to grab for! When colour correcting you are generally looking to target a small area so the stick format makes them super easy to use. They have just enough pigment to colour correct, without having to cake on lots of foundation to cover up your correcting. They blend very easily and don't lost their pigment and blend away. 
These are recommended for face, eyes and lips which I think is interesting! If you have any discolourations on the sensitive skin of your eyelids, these would make a great base to ensure your eyeshadow shows true to colour. 
Dior Colour Correctors in Green, Apricot and Yellow.

Dior Colour Corrector Green: Covers any redness in the skin, blemishes, rosacea etc. 
Dior Colour Corrector Apricot: Brings warmth to dull areas such as hyper-pigmentation, dark circles, or dark spots. Recommended for deeper skin. 
Dior Colour Corrector Yellow: Erases plum tinged discolorations from dark circles, blood vessels. 
Dior Colour Corrector Blue: Evens out and invigorates tired and sallow skin.
Dior Colour Corrector Before and After

Overall, I really like these! Colour Correcting isn't for everyone, and it may not be something you do everyday but I love having these on hand for the days my skin just isn't agreeing. They are lightweight, blendable and get the job done! 

*These products were sent to me for my consideration.

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