Reversa Solution for Oily and Acne Prone Skin

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Retail:$37 CAD Available HERE

First of all, this is a Canadian brand, which I love!!
I have battled with acne for literally as long as I can remember, grade 5 to be exact. I'm now 25 so that is a solid 14 years. It was very embarrassing being so young with such large and noticeable acne mainly on my forehead. As I got older, into my teens, it stayed on my forehead and moved to my nose and chin. Now, my acne (I am guessing more hormonal) is pretty much only on my cheeks! It comes and goes and isn't as constant which is great.. but I just want it gone 100%!!

I have extremely oily, acne-prone skin. But I think in addition to helping with acne it helps keep my oiliness under control!

I was sent this by Reversa to try out, and after trying just about everything, I was skeptical. But I am really really impressed! I use it twice a day, in the morning and at night. I don't find it drying, I do however have very oily skin! It is 8% glycolic acid, so if you have sensitive skin start daily then move to twice a day. It is also SO important to use SPF, acid makes your skin more susceptive to burn and skin damage.

During "that time of the month" I did have a breakout or two, but nothing major or sore, and it did not stick around for long!

If you have never used acid on your skin, don't worry, it's not scary! It's a chemical way to exfoliate your skin, and this way you avoid uneven or sharp exfoliators that can cause mini tears in your skin. It does not burn, but there can be a small tingling sensation.

It dries quickly on the skin, then you can apply your SPF, moisturizer, whatever is next in your routine! 
Keep in mind, if you commit to any skincare routine, as I committed to using this everyday, you should see improvements in your skin! Consistency is key, no matter the skin issue. 

What are your favourite oily, acne-prone skin products?! 


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