Physician's Formula Butter Highlighter Swatches

Wednesday 29 November 2017
Physician's Formula Butter Highlighter Review 
First Butter Bronzers, then Butter Blushes, only makes sense that Butter Highlights are to follow! I'm always super excited about any new drugstore highlights and the Physician's Formula Butter line has impressed me so I had high hopes. That being said, I need WAY MORE shades of the Butter Bronzer, but that's for another day. Let's chat Physician's Formula Butter Highlights. At this time I don't have information on the launch in Canada but stay tuned. See the highlighter in action in this YouTube Tutorial
Phycisian's Formula Butter Highlight Review 
The Physician's Butter Highlighters will retail for around $11 USD and come in 4 shades, with an exclusive online only 5th shade. The packaging is slightly different than the Butter Bronzers and Blushes, it has a screw off top so make sure you close it tightly. The formula is similar to that of Coloupop's original formula, this bizarre powder, cream, almost gel. I recommend using a more dense brush, or you can use your fingers. I prefer this to the Colourpop formula. 
Physicians Formula Butter Highlight Swatches
The swatches don't do these justice, these are, SO GOOD. Rival a high end glow, no glitter just a super intense wet look on the skin. I also appreciate that they come in several different shades and cater to more skintones better than the other lines that Physician's Formula puts out. Highly recommend you give these a try! 

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  1. I'm so, SO curious as to why they did the twist off top instead of their usual flip top! Are they less fat compared to all their other face products? Like does it come with that brush thing?

    1. Oh good point, no brush!! Definitely less bulky