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Sunday, 12 November 2017

The Balm Bonnie-Lou Manizer Swatches

The Balm Bonnie Lou-Manizer Review
I love The Balm Cosmetics, it's the first high end brand I believe I ever purchased from. I never really have the urge to buy everything from one particular brand but I really enjoy picking up just about everything they do. See the Bonnie-Lou Manizer highlight in action in this Instagram video
New Bonnie Lou Manizer Highlighter 
Their "Lou Manizers" are their highlights that have been out for some time. They are a super intense highlight that has been around since before super intense highlights were such a thing. These highlighters retail for $24 USD.  Anyways, Bonne-Lou Manizer is the latest addition to the bunch, and a welcomed addition. They had a pale champagne, blush pink, and bronze but a classic gold was what I was missing. 
Bonnie Loumanizer The Balm
The formula on the Lou Manizers is super soft, so be careful, they can break easily. On the skin they have almost a wet look, you can go super lightly with a fluffy brush or use something more dense to build intensity. There's no glitter, but a very intense shimmer. 
Bonnie Lou Manizer Swatches 
Overall, if you didn't already guess, I love this highlighter. I'm a little bias I guess because I love my Lou-Manizers and I'm so glad to have a gold in the mix. 
Bonnie Lou Manizer The Balm 
*This product was sent for my review, all opinions are my own. 



  1. I remember back home everybody raving about the Mary Lou Manizer and I refused to get it because I didn't want to be like EVERYBODY else hahaha now I feel like its a mortal sin I don't have ANY the balm cosmetics.. Now looking at their website! <3

    1. OMG it's time!! Cindy or Mary would be amazing on you


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