The Balm Take Home the Bronze Bronzer Swatches

Saturday 7 April 2018
The Balm Take Home the Bronze Review
The Balm has been knocking out of the park with launches in 2018, so many new items! One of the latest is The Balm Take Home the Bronze Bronzers. If you're Canadian and have good sources to purchase The Balm, let us know down below. 
The Balm Take Home the Bronze Bronzers
The Balm Take Home the Bronze Bronzers come in 3 different shades, not a very large launch but I will say the first shade is quite light and the deepest is pretty deep! It's labeled as an "anti-orange" bronzer, I would agree. They are on the neutral side, not too cool or warm. The Balm has amazing powder formulas, it's super pigmented so tread lightly. They have a matte finish but they are buildable and blendable. They retail for $17.50 USD which is a pretty amazing price! 
The Balm Take Home the Bronze Swatches
"This formula seamlessly takes on many roles, from breath-taking bronzer to critically acclaimed contour powder. The main feature is the formula’s remarkable payoff, without any sur‘prize’ing orange undertones."
The Balm Bronzers 
It should be noted they've changed the names of the bronzers since I received them. Not sure if the award shows were displeased with the names or not but just keep that in mind :) 

*These products were sent for my review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Don't know if I should get Toni or Graham for contouring/bronzing.. mmm