Sephora Collection #LipStories Lipstick Swatches

Saturday 24 March 2018
Sephora Collection #LipStories Lipstick Review
 Sephora Collection, underrated in my opinion. Everything they release has a huge shade range and is on the affordable side especially when you compare it to other items inside Sephora. I was so so excited when I saw the Sephora Lip Stories launch! 
Sephora Lip Stories Lipstick 
The Sephora Lip Stories Lipstick retail for $10 CAD. Yah, you heard me .. TEN DOLLARS CANADIAN. There's also 40 different shades and 3 finishes, matte, metallic and satin. So, I'm impressed. 
Lip Story Lipsticks Sephora Collection
In addition to an amazing shade range and price, the packaging is so cute. I will say it isn't the most sturdy or luxurious but, it's incredibly unique. Each lipstick features a different design, somehow related to the shade name. I think these lipsticks are so incredibly giftable because of this packaging, you can really hone in on something that someone in your life loves and give them a lipstick that matches! 
Sephora Lip Stories Lipstick Swatches
Highly recommend these lipsticks! The formula is comfortable, good wear time and the metallic isn't chunky. Throw one in your cart to reach a free shipping total or even better, the Sephora VIB Sale 2018 approaches and you'll spend even less on them. 

*These lipsticks were sent for my review, all opinions are my own. Links are affiliate. 

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