Fenty Afternoon Snack/Mo' Hunny Swatch Comparisons

Friday 19 July 2019
Fenty Afternoon Snack/Mo' Hunny Highlighter 
I cannot tell you how much I love the Fenty Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby Killawatt Highlighter. I've hit pan which is HUGE for me, I travel with it and it's also falling apart and I've taped it up with painters tap - the love is real. I hadn't tried any of the other shades so I was excited when Fenty sent me their latest shade, Afternoon Snack/Mo' Hunny!
Fenty Afternoon Snack/Mo' Hunny Swatch
Fenty Afternoon Snack/Mo' Hunny is described as a "soft bronzed champagne sheen / supercharged bronzed champagne shimmer" and retails for $36USD/$48CAD. It contains 7g of total product, 3.5g of each which isn't a ton but I love the duality of having two different shades. 
Fenty Afternoon Snack/Mo' Hunny vs Mean Money/Hustla Baby
The original shade I mentioned Mean Money/Hustla Baby is perfection in that it has a more satin shade and a more bright shade that look amazing both combined and separately. I will say however in this latest shade I'm lacking that a bit, the satin shade isn't as natural and the bright shade is slightly more shimmery not to say it's bad by any means but I like Mean Money more! 
Fenty Highlighter Swatch Comparisons
No matter the shade I think there's something for everyone in this line and I now wish every highlight came with a more satin and a more bright side, just makes it so much more versatile! 

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