Becca Sunlit Bronzers Review

Friday 30 June 2017
The Becca Sunlit Bronzers launched about 2 months ago, and I was super excited! We all know Becca can make a killer highlight powder so I had high hopes for these bronzers. There are 5 shades in the range, which I really appreciate. There is going to be close to something for everyone. 
The Becca Sunlit Bronzers retail for $46 CAD at Sephora. They are formulated without parabens and sulphates and contain Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector formula. This of course means they aren't matte, but they still have a beautiful shimmery formula that has no glitter chunks. Let's call it a sophisticated shimmer. 
Becca Sunlit Bronzer Ipanema Sun: "The medium auburn brown hue is inspired by the sun-drenched shores of Ipanema to give medium-to-dark skintones a healthy-looking, golden glow."

Becca Sunlit Bronzer Maui Nights: "Perfect for deep skintones, the ultra-rich, sienna-kissed bronzed color evokes the rich, warm glow of mesmerizing Maui."

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  1. Whoa wait... what? This is the first I'm hearing that they aren't matte. I had not idea! I don't know if I wasn't paying attention in other reviews, or if no one has actually mentioned that. Thank you SO MUCH for pointing that out! I really, really wanted these, but was having troubles swallowing that price point at the moment. But knowing they're not matte has put me off them because I don't need anymore shimmery bronzers at the moment. Thanks so much for the helpful review!