Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection Swatches and Review

Wednesday 4 January 2017
The Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette was released in late March 2016. People went absolutely crazy for this adorable packaging, peach scent and selection of neutral but interesting shadows. After it sold out, the demand was still there so Too Faced promised to re-release it around Christmas, which they did! On December 14th the Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection launched. It includes the Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette, Sweet Peach Glow Peach-Infused Highlighting Palette, Sweet Peach Papa Don't Peach Blush and 8 Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Glosses. All available on and 

If you'd like to see this collection in action I have a Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection First Impressions Video live on my YouTube channel. This collection is formulated without parabens, sulfates and phtalates along with being gluten and cruelty free and vegan. There is a sweet fruity scent, not as peachy as a fuzzy peach but if you are sensitive to scents that may be a barrier for you. I personally like it a lot! This may be odd, but I think it could honestly taste sweet too in small doses, I feel like I've gotten fall out around or in my mouth .... haha I feel crazy saying this. Don't eat it! 
The Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette retails for $49 USD/$59 CAD and contains 18 eyeshadows. There is a selection of mattes, mattes with shimmer, shimmer and leaning metallic finishes. I'm not gonna lie, upon initial site of the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette I was like .. "where's the peach?!" That is why upon initial launch I did not purchase this palette. I am a HUGE fan of anything warm-toned, orangey/peachy so to me it could have included a lot more peach. I understand they need to make it accessible and enticing to as many people as possible. Maybe there will be a Sweet Peach 2? Too Faced does a great job listening to their customers and giving them what they want! 
There was an incredible amount of hype around this palette so I was really curious to see if it was worth it. I asked for it over Christmas and I was happy to see it under the tree on December 25th.
Upon initial swatching, I was impressed! No shades felt like a dud, evenly pigmented, not too much kick up and creamy to the touch. The selection of shades is great, 2 warm matte browns (the fastest way to my heart), matte cream shades, golds and bronzes, peach and to add interest a green and plumy purple. No true black or white which is okay with me but there are some deep shades in there to smoke out a look if need be. The only problem I have encountered so far is the green,  it blended out to nothing and had a lot of fallout when I tried to add it over another shade in my outer corner. I think it would perform better on the lid or lower lash line with a white base. I think this palette is versatile and could totally work for a wide variety of people! 
The Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Peach-Infused Highlighting Palette retails for $42 USD/$52 CAD. This palette includes an illuminator, blush and bronzer. These have what I describe as a "gel-powder hybrid" texture that is becoming quite common. For a more intense application a denser brush is needed, you can also go quite light handed as it is so densely packed. I'm about an NC42 in MAC, this palette seemed a little light for me. It all looks quite pale, especially the bronzer. 
Surprisingly, I ended up really liking both the blush and highlight. 
They showed up on my skin no problem. The highlight gave a great glow, it's quite neutral toned, with no shimmer. The blush is a pretty true light beach with a luminosity but again, no shimmer. 
The bronzer was the only let down for me, but I expected that. I can't imagine it would be a bronzer on anyone that isn't very fair. The shade is light and the formula is on the sheer side. I also attempted to use it as a highlight but unfortunately it did nothing on my skin. No shimmer though, satin finish. 
The Too Faced Sweet Peach Papa Don't Peach Blush retails for $30USD/$38CAD. The price on this one is a little up there, you do however get 9g of product in comparison to a MAC Blush for example that has 6g. I think the packaging is also what hikes up the price, but it is adorable. It's a great metal compact, seems like it could survive travel no problem. 
Again, I was unsure about this blush on my skin tone but again I was surprised. It gives an absolutely beautiful glow! 99% of the time reach for matte blushes and like to add my own glow, but this is just so interesting. It gives a warm pink/peach glow to the skin so you can skip the highlight (which is exactly what I did today as I write this). The glow is not too intense all over the cheeks, but then the light catches it the glow is there. It also looks way better on the cheeks than it does in the swatch! 
I think this blush could work on a wide variety of people as well. Just build it up for more pigmentation. It has a great soft texture but not too powdery and no glitter just glow. 
Lastly, the Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss retails for $19USD/$24 CAD. This is exactly what my lips need in the dryness of winter. It's infused with the essence of peach, coconut oil and vitamins with a delicious peach scent! The texture is smooth and creamy without being too thick, but it has enough thickness to last on the lips for a few hours. It really doesn't feel like an oil at all, which I don't mind. 
The look can only be described as "juicy". I don't reach for glosses very often, but when I do, these are exactly what I'm looking for! I have Pure Peach at the moment, which is a great peachy-pink but I think I need to get my hands on Papa Don't Peach, a deeper nude.. so beautiful!

Overall, I think the hype around this collection is pretty warranted, no major fails, doesn't seemed like production was rushed and any quality lost which is great to see. For me, the Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Peach-Infused Highlighting Palette is a bit of a pass as one shade is a complete miss on my skin tone, but otherwise I love the other items I have. I can't wait to play around more with the eyeshadow palette - so many options! Have you picked up anything from this collection?

*Eyeshadow palette was purchased, the rest of the items were sent for my review. 

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