Revlon Ultra UD Gel Lipstick Swatches + Review

Thursday 1 December 2016
Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipsticks
Revlon knows lips, even though it all began in the 1930's when they released nail enamel that came in shades other than red. Yay for variety! They changed the game again when they started matching "tips and lips". Personally, the first ever deep lipstick I purchased was from Revlon, "Black Cherry". I also purchased my first nude lipstick from Revlon when I saw Halle Berry rocking "Just Enough Buff" in a magazine. 
Revlon Gel Lipsticks
Coming 2017 are the latest from Revlon the Revlon Ultra UD Gel Lip Color. Not to be confused with a previous launch the Ultra HD Lipsticks. These lipsticks are a lightweight, hydrating and formulated with hyaluronic acid. That may sound intense but hyaluronic acid is amazing for your skin, and lips! Available in 20 shades.
Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipsticks 2017
Let's chat packaging, I love that the tube more or less matches the unique product colour, if you have multiple or just a lot of lipsticks in general it makes grabbing for the shade you want very easy. I also appreciate the slim tube, the slanted tip makes it easy for precise application. The scent is somewhat fruity, maybe even tropical but nothing overpowering or too sweet. 
Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lip Color Packaging 
These are so crazy comfortable to wear. It has the moisture you crave from a balm, but with near full pigmentation. I'm hesitant to say they are fully pigmented, in comparison to something more matte or a liquid lipstick I'd give these a 90% pigmentation. You can go in with a light hand, or build them up to something more full on. In the land of drying lipsticks, these are so refreshing. I get a few hours wear, and the deeper shades will turn into a stain like finish once the shine wears off. I would recommend blotting or a lip liner, because they are so smooth they can bleed a little.

Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipstick HD Vineyard: Muted mauve/plum
Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipstick HD Twilight: Deep berry
Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipstick HD Lava: Bright orange-red
Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipstick HD Desert: Warm peach neutral
Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipstick HD Tropical: Neon-neutral pink
Revlon Gel Lipstick Swatches - Top to Bottom: HD Vineyard, HD Twilight, HD Lava, HD Desert and HD Tropical
Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipstick Swatches
Overall, I am super impressed with the Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lip Color! They make your lips look and feel juicy and hydrated, but still give amazing colour payoff. My only gripe is they can move outside the lip line and they are not transfer proof but that is to be expected with a formula like this. I am totally okay to blot, line my lips or reapply because they feel and look so great! 

*These products were provided for my review. 


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  2. They've been around since the 30s? Woah never knew that! These look nice!!