NEW Maybelline Loaded Bolds Lipstick Swatches

Sunday 15 May 2016

SO excited I got my hands on these while in the States. I found them at Target in 
a brand new end aisle display. If you'd prefer my video review/swatches click here.
I don't know a ton about them but here is what I have so far:

20 shades in the US
10 shades in Canada (probably late July)
 From black and white to greys, pinks, browns, nudes, purples! The shade range is massive and unique.
Cream finish. They have a great slip without feeling greasy.
Very comfortable to wear, non-drying.
LOADED with pigmentation, I get why they are called the Loaded Bolds. 
They do transfer, but have great wear time.
Classic Maybelline lipstick scent. 
I picked up mine for $6.50 USD at Target.
Maybelline Loaded Bolds Grey Over It
Maybelline Loaded Bolds Coffee Addiction
Maybelline Loaded Bolds Chocoholic
Maybelline Loaded Bolds Smoking Red
Maybelline Loaded Bolds Sapphire Siren (YAAAAAZ)
Maybelline Loaded Bolds Blackest Berry (This is the only one that had a slightly less even application)

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  1. I was eager to try these, especially one, or both of the two blue shades! It would really be out of my comfort zone, but if after application, they weren't very age appropriate for me, I wouldn't be out too much money. You can imagine my disappointment when I found this line at Shopper's recently, but discovered that NEITHER blue is being offered in Canada! Not nice, Maybelline!I briefly debated on trying the greige shade in 'Grey It Over', but I know that it isn't a shade I can 'pull off' with my cool-toned,very pale, 'Winter' complexion. The other shades offered here, for $11.95 Can., are not all that unique, so it was a complete pass for me. Bummer, Sherrey