Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette

Friday 30 October 2015

 Retail: $59USD/$71CAD Available: Sephora (Limited Edition)

Before you say it/think it this palette is totally wearable!!! Even if you are not a bold color fanatic, I promise! 

My YouTube review can be found HERE.

The color wheel style layout was the first thing that drew me into this palette, and the thought of all the possibilities. When I saw the price tag, at first I thought "hell no" but when you think about it, there are 24 shadows in here, that is double the size of your average paletteI have seen some complaints about the packaging being to big, but I love it!! Not every palette needs to be compact and travel friendly. This is a makeup lovers' palette, or a great way to start experimenting with color! 

Pigmentation is great, some shades (the metallics) are better when used wet, the majority do kick up some powder but I don't mind, that means extra color pay off! 

  • It can be hard to find a good purple! Purple is flattering on any eye shade, all over the lid, crease color and lower lash line. I mean, you cannot deny the beauty of that second shade in! 
  • The blues and greens make great lower lash line colors if you don't want to get too daring. As well, yellow on the lid with winged liner?! It can't get better than that, I mean if Beyonce can do it, so can we! 
  • These are my favourites! Anything in the pinky/orange family can add that little extra *something* and bit of interest as a crease color! 

The middle selection of neutrals is one of the things that makes this palette truly unique. These shades make great bases, transition shades, crease colors and highlight/definition. My only issue is there is no "mid" brown, it is either light or super dark, to solve this problem I mix together but I would rather not! 

Proof!! TOTALLY WEARABLE! These 3 looks are using only the palette!
Samantha xx

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